who has time for that shit?

By kerry

June 12, 2007

Category: kenneth


29 Responses to “who has time for that shit?”

  1. That’s priceless. Makes me wonder if Kenneth isn’t calling back because he’s as weirded out as I am right now.

  2. Holy mother of God, I love this blog. And I love James, who loves his colon.

  3. So. I totally just Googled ‘Oxy-Powder’, and it turns out there is ACTUALLY a colon cleanser called Oxy-Powder! I thought this had to be some kind of joke, but no. Oxy-Powder is real and apparently works pretty well. They have a bunch of testimonials.

    That is probably the funniest post I’ve seen. James is awesome! I wonder how things are ‘flowing’ down there for me….

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  5. This has to be fake. Too perfect. The person who wrote this email is a comic genius if it is fake.

  6. Bloody hell! I thought oxy was something you made gravy with.


  7. Honestly, I was sort of believing it until the part about “poo splatters” in the toilet. That was a red flag. That whole paragraph doesn’t fit with the language and tone of the rest of the email and really ruined the effect for me.

    I’m guessing someone who reads your blog has decided to give you some fodder for exploiting (until kieru returns).

  8. Wow, that could be the best spam email ever!

  9. Haha, I thought they were talking about putting acne medication in soups.

  10. Yeah, I think it’s fake.😦

  11. blurring the name was unnecessary. i can clearly read the email address, and blurring out the last name makes no sense considering jack sheppard is not his name. it’s a character on lost, of which james is clearly a fan.

  12. I know people online who’ve tried similar products, and this sounds like what they’ve written. “OMG COLON CLEANSING IS SO GREAT weird gross side effects COLON CLEANSING AWESOME!!! What? Eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise? But I can just take some powder and poo all over the place!!! COLON CLEANSING==AWESOME.”

  13. Can you please write James back with the Goatse picture attached? Pretty please???

  14. Ironically, I’ve actually used Oxy-Powder, and james explained it quite well.

    It’s a great product that does work well for constipation. That’s the only thing that helps my constipation issues…. but it is kinda disgusting for your toilet.

    You should definetely send james an email!

  15. That? Was awesome. Because James really does leave the reader wondering just why he is so obsessed with his freind’s colon.

  16. Wow. So obviously spam – you just got used — just look at the comment from Jack…

    Shame but.


  18. I was going to start a similar blog. Having a common gmail address completely sucks… I have gotten so much stupid email spam from idiots who give out the wrong email address to their friends.

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  20. haha….call me bitch! :)

  21. Kieru, where are you??????

  22. This is brilliant – I’m adding you to my blogroll. It makes me wish I had a more common name!

  23. Eww. That guy really just goes into too much detail. He could have just said “it’ll give you the runs” and left it at that, but the part about having to scrub the toilet…

  24. OMG. I spit out my very berry crystal geyser on the poo-splatter part.


    And too, COOL!

  25. why r u people so obsessed with taking a dump?

  26. I would get an email from my friends like this. I really would. For some reason they bring up their constipation issues all the time. They seem so comfortable talking to me about their butt issues. I thought I was the only one but clearly the intended receiver of this email has gross friends like I do. Why are so many people plugged up and why do they think I want to hear it?

    That said, I nearly peed my pants reading this.

  27. What is the one thing you look for in colon cleansing?

    Tell me and I will reward you,


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